Sonia Tanksley and her associates represent purchasers and sellers in residential sale transactions throughout the New York Metropolitan area including New York City, and the Counties of Nassau, Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess. Sonia Tanksley has successfully represented hundreds of clients in all types of residential real estate transactions. In doing so, she has developed and incomparable amount of knowledge. Whether the client is a purchaser or seller, the matter is handled with diligence and skill as the transaction moves forward toward a closing date.

When we represent purchasers, we conduct a due diligence review of the documents related to the purchase, whether it is for a single-family residence or a multiple family property, a condominium or cooperative. We also negotiate the terms of the contract to insure that the client’s interests are well protected. Prior to closing, all title documents are reviewed to insure that our clients are purchasing a property that is free from anything that prevents the client from owning the property free and clear of any judgments or liens left by a former owner. All of this information is clearly discussed with the client so that the client understands the issues and is clear about the real estate transaction process. A client’s goal may be to purchase their new home. Our goal is not only to facilitate the transaction, but also to keep our clients informed and insure that the transaction is legally sound.

On behalf of clients who are sellers, we offer the same due diligence as we do for our clients who are purchasers. We prepare and negotiate the contract of sale with the best interests of our clients in mind. Contracts are prepared and sent out expeditiously. In the event there are any issues in the title that must be cleared, we work diligently to clear the issues so that the closing date is not unnecessarily delayed. Our vast experience in real estate transactions offers us a full understanding of the issues that may interfere with a closing and we work to insure that any and all issues are cleared before the closing of title.

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