The Law Offices of Sonia M. Tanksley & Associates, PLLC and the entire staff are easily accessible via office telephone, email and cell phone. Clients are provided with Sonia’s cell phone number so the client can contact her if an emergency arises outside of normal business hours.

The firm is committed to keeping abreast of all developments in each practice area. The law is constantly changing and everyone in the firm stays updated with the law through publications, continuing education courses and a network of contacts throughout the legal community.

Sonia Tanksley quotes her legal fees for professional services at the time of consultation with the client. Sonia ensures that the client is clear on the fees described during the initial meeting with the client and in the written retainer that is signed by the client and Sonia Tanksley. There are no fees that are not described in the initial meeting and in the retainer agreement.

Sonia Tanksley understands that there are times when a client’s health or disability prevents them from being able to travel to one of her offices in Manhattan, the Bronx or Westchester County. In those instances Sonia is willing to conduct a consultation or meeting in the client’s home, nursing facility or other residence where the client is residing.

No, the firm handles all immigration matters, including employment visas, student visas, exchange visitor, adjustment of status, DACA, temporary work visas, business visas, travel visas, spouse and fiancé visas, adoption visas, citizenship and naturalization, matters related to removal. Once you contact the office for a consultation Sonia and her staff will be able to assist you in your immigration matter. Her staff speaks Spanish, French and Mandarin, allowing the clients who speak those languages to feel comfortable communicating in their native language.

In real estate transactions, many parties are involved, the attorney’s for the buyers and sellers, the buyer, the seller, the title insurance company, the lender (if applicable) and the realtors (if applicable). It’s the job of Sonia and her staff to move the transaction along with legal soundness and efficiency. Sonia and her staff make every effort to move the transaction from contact to closing, eliminating needless delays. In sum, we move the transaction along as quickly as possible, encouraging all other parties to the transaction to do the same, without sacrificing legal soundness or ethics.

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