Sonia Tanksley started the firm in 2000. Having practiced law for several years in both the private and public sector, Sonia’s goal was to deliver high quality legal services while maintaining a mutually beneficial and professional relationship with each client. The practice is focused on Immigration, Real Estate and Trusts and Estates. Sonia Tanksley and her associates apply their full resources and best efforts to each client’s case.

Each practice area is approached with attention to detail, whether the case is an immigration petition, a real estate transaction or probating an estate. Using the best efforts of Sonia and her staff, the attention to detail and the steadfast pursuit of the client’s goals positively impacts the outcome of each client’s case.

The result of the firm’s approach meets Sonia’s original goal, which is the delivery of high quality legal services to clients who value and trust their professional relationship with Sonia and the firm. Integral in achieving this goal is also Sonia’s staff, all of whom are intelligent, creative and committed to the work that they do for the clients.

The firm has a diverse client base, offering legal services and solutions for large clients as well as serving the unique legal needs of smaller and individual clients in the United States and abroad in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.The offices are conveniently located in Westchester, the Bronx and Manhattan.

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